AUthor CLeve BUSH IN the MEDIA

” While taking in the dusty scenery from the back windows of the limousine, Fatimah and the contractor broached the issue of payment. Knowing how fickle and creative she could be when it comes to her compensation, he knew it would require a great deal of strategy, time and money to meet her demands. Although her contractor was also the man that raised her, how could she ever trust the mother-fucker that turned her into a demon? Staring at him through steely deep brown, Fatimah was convinced that race was obsolete and only two types of people existed… ” The Mother-Fuckers, and the Mother-Fucked”! If she adopted the title of the Mother-fucker, what did that make the bastard sitting beside her? Catching the murderous gleam in her eyes, the contractor always knew that he would eventually be presented with the Fruits of his labor…”